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» Sunday, August 12, 2007
The WalMart Exercise Program and Not Many Other Tales
We needed low-carb wheat tortillas again, but I had no intention of going through at WalMart what we had last time. We were there by 10:25 and were out by 10:50. James could hardly keep up with me. I wanted out of that place before church ended. We checked ourselves out and fled.

Stopped at Lowe's for some casters and then went to breakfast at Sweet Tomatoes. They have a not-bad Sunday brunch now. Wish they hadn't dropped the cold cereal, but I had a nice bowl of real oatmeal. The heavily egg-dipped French toast assured me of one thing: I still loathe the taste of eggs.

From there we drove up to Acworth and went to Books-a-Million. Hadn't been there in a month. I think the lack of good sleep and the heat finally hit because I started to get lightheaded. So we came home and I stretched out on the sofa for about an hour. During that time James had to run back to Lowe's for another set of casters. The folding table we bought from Ikea a couple of weeks ago is too heavy to shift easily into the library, so he put wheels on it. It rolls heavily, but it rolls.

Caught up reading my Yahoo Christmas group today. I thought I hadn't read for a week, but it turned out to be from August 1. Yow.

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