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» Saturday, August 11, 2007
The Social Whirl
Up and running as it was "Hair Day." There was a fair crowd today. We grilled out, had what I heard was a fantastic Mexican dip, our tomato and cucumber salad (lots of tomatoes, actually, as everyone seems to have brought some), and even two great desserts, which we brought home.

We dropped in at the hobby shop and also bought some more pepper-spiked suet for the birds. I also picked up some Webkinz charms.

Tonight we went to a retirement party for a friend. She was all excited about the new recliner she'd purchased as a gift for herself. We all gave her lots of gift cards to bookstores. :-) We ate at a Japanese steakhouse and had an entertaining chef. I've been disappointed sometimes when we've gone to these places because it seemed everyone else had a funny chef and we had the one who acted like he had his period. :-)

The pall on the day has been the heat. I think it must have hit 100°F again today.

We've arranged to have a game night next Saturday evening. Yay!

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