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» Saturday, August 25, 2007
Pricks, Sticks, and a Pile of Books
No, it wasn't the guy driving behind me on the freeway this time. :-) I started my morning getting stuck for blood; my doctor wanted a TSH level.

From there I went to Borders to discover they were having a $1 clearance sale. There were some wonderful books in this section; not dull tomes at all. I found an Our Bodies, Our Selves book about menopause, a large hardback reference of quotations, a biography of Robert Goddard, Stanley Weintraub's 11 Days in December about Christmas during the Battle of the Bulge, Stephen Ambrose's D-Day, another World War II volume called Battleground Atlantic, Neil Armstrong's biography First Man, and two volumes that will be perfect for gifts.

Visited Costco for milk and then came home to measure the windows in our bedroom, but decided in the end not to go to Lowes today for new shades. (The original shades for our bedroom were miscut, but we used them in other rooms. When I went to get replacement shades all Lowes had were the cheap $6/each ones. They are already cracking. I'd really like to get dark shades for the bedroom but Lowes and Home Depot don't seem to carry them; I'd have to research somewhere else.) I did stop at Hobby Lobby since their ceramics/resins and florals were half off. Bought some fall angels and even a fall cheese spreader and even found a budgie magnet for the fridge, plus three very lovely "sticks" of brilliant autumn leaves.

The Borders at Austell had a few more $1 books: one about home improvement, an antiques mystery, and Teri Garr's autobiography; also another gift. I had $10 in Borders Bucks and a 25 percent off coupon, so bought for a mere $1.20 a trade paper called The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril, which is a send-up of pulp magazines in pulp style featuring Walter Gibson (creator of The Shadow) and L. Ron Hubbard back when he was just Ron Hubbard, hack writer.

Laundry whisked through, I settled in to read and watch mysteries: 23 Paces to Baker Street, with Van Johnson as a blind American playwright who overhears a kidnapping plot in a London pub, but can't convince the police it's a real threat, and The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, with Nicol Williamson's brilliant portrayal of a Sherlock Holmes deep in cocaine addiction, cured by Sigmund Freud (played by wonderful Alan Arkin) and then embroiled in a kidnapping plot. Robert Duvall isn't quite up to par as Dr. Watson, but the fun's watching Williamson and Arkin anyway.

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