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» Monday, August 20, 2007
One Good Reason for Telecommuting
I got "rear-ended" tonight on Spring Road.

It's in quotes because I didn't get hit very hard and there are just a few white paint marks on the right side of my rear bumper. Everyone stopped short in front of me and I managed to stop safely, but the guy behind me didn't. He didn't have any damage either, so we just shrugged and went on our way.

But this is the third time in three years that car has been hit. Of course the first time was the worst, two months after I bought it when I was T-boned on the driver's side on the way to work, $12,000 damage. The car was barely finished when we drove it up to my mom's two months later and there was another sudden stop on the Connecticut Turnpike and someone whacked the rear bumper—have a dent in my license plate and a crack in the right backup light. Luckily Chrysler makes good bumpers!

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