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» Saturday, August 04, 2007
No Mystery
We went by Dollar General today to get some batteries and I had a field day at the spinner. I bought five mystery paperbacks for $1 each, including the sequel to Blue Moon (bandleader in the early 1960s solves mysteries), Death Dines In (anthology of food mystery short stories), Cruel and Unusual Intuition (says it's a "Karma Crime Mystery"), The Sunken Sailor (a mystery written by fourteen different writers), and one of Nero Blanc's crossword puzzle mysteries, plus a book of good and bad carb foods. I've had variable success with books from the spinner; some have been winners and there were others, like the gardening mystery, which I just plain hated.

The batteries were for James' new weather station. He'd always wanted an electronic unit, but they run into the $50-$60 range. We have my dad's old thermometer/barometer/humidity sensor that hung on the wall at home, but the barometer quit working long ago. However, we went to Lowe's for safflower seed last night and discovered they had all their weather stations on sale. James got a $60 unit for less than 2/3 off and also a pocket-sized one that's also an alarm clock for about $8. The larger one has a sensor for outside and also one for inside. Both tell the phases of the moon.

I also found a wonderful book in a little book/gift shop in Acworth. It's actually a compilation of three books about a woman in New York who rescues, cares for, and then releases hummingbirds.

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