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» Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Life Happens Even When You Make Other Plans
• Poor James! For the first time he had the opportunity to renew his driver's license online and they sent him a note back that he had to come in anyway: his driver's license number was too close to a social security number. Apparently in Georgia in the 1970s your SS was your DLN, too, but now that's illegal. James' was off by one digit.

• Turned on to Atlanta Road from the rotary near the Smyrna Library this morning and was faced with what looked like a carnival at the corner of Atlanta and Concord Road. It was the aftermath of a huge accident, including the presence of an ambulance. ::brrrr:: I hope the injured people are okay. What a reminder that things can take a bad turn any second.

• Looks like my cell phone's dead. Since the spill it's needed charging every night. I heard it chirp last night but forgot to get up to plug it into the charger. This morning I plugged it into the car charger; it started up for a few minutes, then the charger came loose. When I fixed it a few minutes later the phone would not come up again. Bother.

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