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» Friday, August 10, 2007
Keeping Cool
Ever have one of those nights? The ones where all your problems gang up on you as you lie there trying to fall asleep and soon your thoughts are so crowded with worries you can't fall asleep? Yeah, those. James and I had dual attacks. Fortunately I had a day off but he had to make his way off to work.

I didn't take much of a sleep-in because I didn't want to be out in the 100°F+ weather expected later on. When I left the house at ten it was already 85. Hit the Grand Mercado for ingredients for a salad for tomorrow—I was astounded. Their vegetables didn't look like the polished and waxed perfect veggies you find in the supermarket. The cucumbers were particular misshapen. However, the tomatoes actually smell like they came fresh out of someone's garden and not a hydroponic chamber off the Jupiter II.

Sadly, even though I hit Costco we still have to go to BJs—they didn't have everything I needed (and we have to go back to WallyHell too, because the low-carb tortillas are almost gone). Made a quick stop at Borders with the milk and beef bits I bought all safely tucked up in the insulated bag, then raced home to make it by noon.

The rest of the afternoon was a mix: I did two loads of clothes, made the bed, and washed the kitchen and both bathroom floors. Also cleaned up some of the mess in my craft room preparatory to making a card for someone. I had purchased a card-making kit from Michael's some time ago. Wielding a decorative-edge scissors and picking the best bits from the card kit and adding appropriate words, I felt like Addie Mills sitting at the kitchen table making Christmas cards from construction paper. It was a nice homey feeling; I always did projects like this as a kid.

I also wrapped a couple of belated birthday gifts, including one for a person I've seen twice since his birthday (at least one time at our house) and not had his gift ready for him. Although his birthday is not for almost a month, I wrapped a gift for James and prepared another one.

I confess I did take a nap this afternoon; the siren song of the sofa was just too much. The television murmured in the background and at one point I dreamed the house was tipping over and my sofa going with it!

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