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» Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Gonna Wash That Summer Right Outta My Hair
The weather is trying desperately to break. After temps near 100 for about two weeks, we're starting to have some rain again. Sunday we had a good bit of rain for about a half hour; the lawn quit panting for a while. Yesterday morning it was actually cool and breezy, low 70s, felt more like May even at noon when it had hit the 80s. We still have some 90s coming up, so summer's back isn't broken yet, but some occasional storms may alleviate thr drought some. Trouble is, when they come up, someone usually gets hurt: all the ones lately have produced news stories of trees down on homes and places struck by lightning, including one situation where the family had just left on vacation. What a thing to come home to!

It is overcast right now and there is a good chance of thunderstorms today.