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» Sunday, August 19, 2007
Belated Friday Five

1. Who was your favorite teacher?

Charles Abosamra. Ninth grade English. Best English teacher ever! (Honorable mentions: Linda Lorenzo, eleventh grade English; Joseph Dwyer, seventh grade English; Stanley [or was it Stephen?] Plummer, eighth grade Science—only science class I ever loved; Mrs. Wright, college Geography)

2. Why was that teacher so special?

He was just an interesting teacher, never dull, made us work hard, but we enjoyed it. Only problem: we didn't read Huckleberry Finn, one of my favorite books. We had to read a William Saroyan book instead. Human Comedy would have been interesting, but it was My Kind of Crazy Wonderful People, which I found exceedingly boring. Certainly not with the same type of depth as Finn.

3. Do you think teachers get paid enough?

No. People who do important jobs never get paid enough, such as teachers, firemen, and policemen. Dips like politicians and no-talent "celebrities" get the good money.

4. Do you have a favorite year of school?

Ninth grade, because we were "top of the heap" in the junior high system (not freshmen in high school like the system is now). We had the best teachers and the most challenging classes (although I loathed biology and algebra, history and English and art class/elective and creative writing class and typing—I couldn't have a typewriter until I learned how to type, so this was an important class!—made up for it).

5. If you could travel back in time and tell yourself something now that would have helped you get through school, what would you say?

Nothing. I just wish you could have reported bullies like you can do today. Eighth grade wouldn't have been such a misery without those creepy ninth-grade girls in my Art Activity elective.