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» Sunday, July 29, 2007
You Have Got to Be Kidding
The mistake we made this morning was getting up late. For my part, I needed the sleep. I'd had popcorn at the movie last night without munching a couple of PeptoBismols (I don't like to take antacids after I take my heart pill) and awoke in the wee hours with what I call "a popcorn stomach." This is quite painful and interrupts quite a bit of sleep.

We needed a few things at WalMart, so we got there about noon, before, as the lady who was in line with us later on put it, "before the Baptists got out of church." However, by the time we had made it through the store, not even a half hour, the lines were ten to fifteen carts long. There was one express line open, with twenty people already in it, so that people with five or six items were in line with people with full carts, and out of twenty lines total, only about six open. The cashier we had was not particular slow, but not particularly quick enough for this type of workload, either. She really was going as fast as she could, but the lady at the head of the line seemed to be dividing her purchases into different payments and was unloading her overfull cart one item at a time, consulting a list as if she couldn't read very well.

It probably would have been a good idea to skip Wally World at this hour anyway, but they are the only reliable place that stocks low-carb whole wheat tortillas. I've checked Food Depot, Publix, and Kroger...the latter stocks the regular kind only and the other two have low-fat, and spinach flavored and pesto flavored, but no low-carb. The other WalMart (Powder Springs and the East-West Connector) is usually less crowed, but also crappily stocked—their oatmeal department is barely existent and is almost always out of low sugar varieties, half the time they don't have the yogurt flavors I like, they don't stock the Hood Calorie Countdown chocolate milk James likes.

So we left there feeling a bit the worse for wear and went to Ikea. I wanted to get the table James wants for downstairs and the last bookcase we needed. After over 20 years, you would think I'd be used to the weird school year here, but "September" and "school" are firmly entrenched. Ikea was a mess; people shopping for college. More long lines.

We had a small respite and went to Bruster's for an ice cream cone. After coming a cropper at WalMart and hoping Lowe's would fill in the gap, we discovered they were out of safflower seed, too. We like to put safflower in with the regular birdseed (along with hot pepper) in the bird feeder because the squirrels don't like it. I did find Laurien Berenson's Chow Down out in paperback at Border's, so that helped.

When we got home it was after six. Most of the six hours had been spent in line. Whew.

Later we watched Friday's Doctor Who ("Daleks in Manhattan," okay, but no great shakes) and Monk. The latter makes me wonder why I even stick with this show. This was "Mr. Monk and the Naked Man," and was possibly the stupidest episode of this show I have ever seen (and there have been some dillies in the past couple of years). I had high hopes for Randy Disher about season 2 in the episode with his mother; it seemed like he was always going to have his odd obsessions, but it looked like they might be making him not so stupid. Disher spent all of "Naked Man" messing with an iPod, to the point where he endangered someone's life with it. I'm surprised Stottelmeyer didn't deck him and then fire him. Monk started out as a serious show with humorous moments engendered by Monk's fears, but, especially in the pilot movie, Monk also knew that his obsessive-compulsive behavior was a detriment to his quality of life and sometimes it was rather sad. Now it's all played for laughs and Monk gets regular Emmy nominations for "Best Comedy Show."

Unfortunately, it's not funny, it's pathetic.

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