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» Tuesday, July 31, 2007
The Yin and the Yang of It
I could still see the moon this morning as I left for work. It had not yet set and was sitting cool and silver in the still dark-blue sky of the southwest. The air outside was still cool, a rarity on summer mornings when even at 6:20 a.m. a smothery heat smacks you in the face immediately when you open the door.

The eastern sky was already spread with rosy orange streaks, but it was only when I turned north on I-85 that I could actually see the sun, looking as if it were out of some desert scene (or the sunset scene of Star Wars, low in the sky and brilliant orange crossed with ever-shifting lines of grey. By the time I reached work the air was already beginning to warm through the haze.

The haze has been oppressive the last few days. When we drove to Ikea yesterday it hung like a great grey blanket over the city, muffling any breeze.