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» Saturday, July 07, 2007
Summer Saturday
James had to go in to work this morning to learn a new computer procedure, so I spent a pleasant (???) time giving the master bath a good scrub. Our water is not terribly hard, but it is not soft, either, and the shower gets rusty red marks.

We had a coupon from Longhorn that had been given to James on Father's Day, so we had lunch there. I now have two little steaklets and some sweet potato for lunch next week. We also visited Michael's and JoAnn, and had to go to both Kroger and the super WalMart because Kroger doesn't seem to be carrying the Hood's Calorie Countdown chocolate milk for James' breakfast anymore. Boooooo.

And Borders didn't have the book I wanted. Grump. Instead I am re-reading John Verney.

To gear up for the film version of Order of the Phoenix, we watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone tonight. I decided that Schuyler's middle name should be Hedwig since she's more white than anything else.

Tonight she was hanging upside down from the roof of her cage. Not exactly owl-ish. LOL.

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