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» Monday, July 16, 2007
So He Said He Was Done...
...but I can't open attachments in e-mail or anything that had embedded images, which means I couldn't see the information of the source that our small business liaison sent, nor could I e-mail the purchase orders I had scanned.

Nor can I build an order in ICE, which is how the PO is generated in the first place.

So I'm back at someone else's desk again. The keyboard is on a high level and the mouse on a low one, which I find very awkward. The chair has arms, which gets in the way of my arm reaching for the mouse, and is tilted forward. But I'm not going to mess with her things.

Scott can't come until Friday (they can't spray within 10 days, which I understand, but—joy...).

And if the clouds are forming as usual, it will be raining by rush hour.

Ah well, at least the children don't all have dysentery, little Tom turning blue... :-)

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