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» Saturday, July 21, 2007
Pottering...And Other Stories
Scott showed up early with a new gel for roaches. Ironically, I had just been reading about it on It's called Avert, or something like that, and comes out like a thin thread of Neosporin, only it's dark brown. He put it everywhere there was a crack he could get it in, like at the doors to the pantry and under some of the baseboard. Apparently it's very effective.

He also treated a fire ant bed in the side yard, and sprayed something called "Wasp Freeze" over the yellow jacket nest in the trees. James had warned me there was a yellow jacket nest at the foot of one of the trees weeks ago and I had been careful when walking Willow. After he sprayed, Scott said that we should not walk her back there because the yellow jackets, coming back to their nest tonight, would be angry, but that the spray should work.

This was a little after noon. After he left I took my lunch early and drove out to the Perimeter Mall Borders to get our Harry Potter wristbands. They started giving them out at nine, so by the time I got there the first, orange ones, were out and they had started on silver. I also stopped at Michael's.

It was spoiling for rain when I left Border's and by the time I left Michael's it was pouring. It made me late in getting home so that I had to work later than I wanted. I intended to go for six, but at a little after 5:30 ICE locked up on me completely. Sigh.

It was pouring at three, and perfectly sunny at four, when the lawn folks showed up. I had asked Scott if it was okay if they mowed the back yard and he said yes, that the yellow jackets would just swarm around the nest. So I didn't pay much attention as they mowed, trimmed, and cleaned up and when the knock on the door came, I just brought down the money, asked how he'd been, some more chit-chat, and went back to work.

I had slept very badly Thursday night and so when work was over and everything tidied up, I stretched out on the sofa to nurse a headache. Next thing I knew James was home. I had already warned him about the yard, so he took Willow out with care. He returned to tell me that they had been in the woods and mowed down all the brush! He'd also approached the yellow jacket nest carefully and said it looked quiet. I guess the Wasp Freeze worked. Wow. I hope no one got stung and didn't say anything!

So we headed out to Perimeter, had supper at Fuddruckers, dropped briefly in at the Container Store, and then went to Barnes & Noble where the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company was doing readings from the Potter books, interspersed with trivia contests. We listened to some of the reading, but they had the folks shoved in a corner which was filled with kids, so mostly we walked about, examined the books, and schmoozed with Kim and Sue and Amy and Sarah and other friends. We had to leave early because the clerk at Border's had said they were not going to let people in much after midnight.

Borders was packed and warm, but going in the afternoon had paid off; we were out of there by 12:20. Once we got into the house we changed to comfy clothing and commenced reading; we both gave up about 2:30, showered, read some more in bed, then drifted off to sleep.

I must have been really tired, because by the time I woke up at noon James had already finished the book; this is the first time he's finished one before me. I continued reading through lunch and finished it at the hobby shop.

Without spoiling anything:

Very sad about departed characters, especially one non-human one.
Neville: Attaboy! I've been cheering for Neville the last few books.
Hermione: Quite touched by what she did to protect her parents.
Mrs. Weasley: You GO, girl!
Percy: Yes!

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