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» Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Monday Madness

(Late because I was almighty sick yesterday, I think from my sandwich, and didn't want to think about food.)

1. Are there any weird "food rules" you have? Feel free to list as many as you like.

"Weird"? I don't know if they're "weird." I don't like my food mixed together. No, I don't want Adrian Monk preciseness, but I like to taste the individual foods—presumably I'm eating them because I like them—not carrots mixed with mashed potatoes, etc. I wish they'd quit putting raspberries in everything. Ugh!

When I eat Chex snack mix, I do eat all the other stuff first and leave the wheat Chex for last. This is because my mom always told me that if there was something on the plate I didn't like, I should eat it first, and it follows that you should eat your favorite last. So I do.

2. When you were growing up, what ONE thing did your parents always remind you of, when it came to meal time (or cooking)?

The usual: sit up straight, eat your vegetables, and no, you can't have another piece of bread. LOL.

3. Is there anyone you know whose food you won't eat (for one reason or another)?

A particular person? No. I don't like certain foods, like Mexican, especially the ones that irritate my stomach.

4. Is there anything you "specialize" in cooking, that people actually ask for?

I don't cook much, so, no.

5. When you were growing up, what one meal do you remember as being your favorite?

Mom's chicken cacciatore. With Italian bread from the Gansett Bakery, or, after it went out of business, from Garzilli's. ::drool::

6. Today, what is your IDEAL meal?

I dunno. A small "Renegade" at Longhorn, I guess, since Olive Garden doesn't have the shrimp ravioli anymore.