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» Monday, July 16, 2007
Juuuuuust Ducky...
Been quite a morning so far.

Go to pack my lunch and there's tiny livestock wandering the kitchen floor. Aieeeee!

Get to work and my computer will not boot up. I tried it twice, then called the helpdesk. They sent over a technician. Apparently no security scripts will run. The tech cannot even make it work in administrator mode because they've made Windows so secure there's no way to access it. [eyes roll] So to get my computer going again they will have to reformat my hard drive. (Yes, you heard that right. Even the tech thinks it's absurd.) So presently I'm working at a co-worker's desk while she is in class.

I called the exterminator and their computers were down, so they can't schedule me for anything until they're working again. Gah.

Oh, and I was assigned ten more orders over the weekend.

Geez, and it's only ten o'clock...

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