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» Sunday, July 08, 2007
I wish I had never seen that stupid cheap bag of wild bird seed at Fred's in February! There wasn't a bug in this house for over a year except for a couple of ladybugs and the gnats that got past the screen door the night the power went out. I just went into the kitchen to get Schuyler some fresh water and killed two of those tiny roaches on the counter—I'm sure there are more; the counter is black with speckles and anything dark is hard to see—and another got away. Scott sprayed so much under the refrigerator and stove that now it appears they have moved to the empty gap between the dishwasher and the sink, and there's no way to access that space. If I have to drill a hole in the baseboard so he can spray in that area I will. This is ridiculous. That part of the counter isn't even used for food prep, so there's no crumbs attracting them. We even had to toss out the little wicker basket from Ikea that we have been using to store the packaged tortillas; James lifted it up Tuesday night and found at least a dozen running around under there.