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» Friday, July 20, 2007
Friday Five

Summer time...and the living is easy!

1. Have you ever been to summer camp?

No, I wasn't allowed to go because of my allergies. There were no non-drowsy medications back then and had I gone I would have spent the entire time in a drugged-out haze.

2. Have you ever made a s'more?

I haven't personally; I had one for the first time when Daniel and Clair had their movie night last year. I really don't like chocolate warm, not even brownies or chocolate cake.

3. Have you ever slept under the stars (no tent/tarp)?

Nope, never camped at all.

4. Have you ever had a member of the opposite sex sleep over at your house?

LOL. Only my husband.

5. What type of bed do you have (queen, twin, bunk, etc.) ?

A queen-sized. I remember the first time we slept in a king, it was in Columbus, GA; we were there for Magnum Opus Con, and it was the convention that Patrick Troughton died at. :-( We had trouble finding each other during the night.