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» Sunday, July 22, 2007
We had a nice sleep in, and after grocery errands, decided to go see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Usually they do not allow passes the first two weekends of a movie, but the Barrett Commons AMC theatre, both in the newspaper and on the AMC website, showed no restrictions. James didn't have any money, but he did have the two passes he received as a bonus at work.

Unfortunately when we got there we found out both the paper and the website were wrong, so we ended up at Town Center Mall, where we walked and also stopped at the Discovery Channel Store, which is going out of business.

We had a big ooops tonight; James felt like having chili dogs, so we had purchased some all-beef hot dogs and he already had the chili. He had just finished warming it up and was taking it out of the microwave when the bowl slipped from his hand. Gawd! Chili down the side of the smaller microwave, on the floor, on the baseboard, on the wall under the window. So he cleaned up the excess of the chili and then I had to scrub all the affected portions and wipe off the baker's rack shelves and legs, and the microwave with Lysol disinfecting wipes. Of course here we have dumped food in an area that had roaches wandering around not a week ago! I didn't know what else to do, so I also wiped the floor down with vinegar hoping it would destroy any food scent left. Hope it works.

At the present Willow is lying under my feet. There's a fly in the house and she's terrified...

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