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» Wednesday, July 18, 2007
And So It Begins...
Harry Potter Spoilers Spread Over Internet

Presumably these folks work in bookstores or in the shipping warehouses. It's not like Scholastic is going to ship to the store Friday afternoon, after all; anyone could have opened the boxes. So not a surprise.

Other folks speculate about the end: Harry Potter's Hocus Pocus: Stronger Than Death Itself?

LOL. It can't been stronger than fanfic.

In the meantime there will be new "ducklings" in the House.

One of the reasons AMC claimed for cancelling Remember WENN was that they didn't think a series about 1940s radio was appropriate on a movie channel (which, of course, was ridiculous because movies and radio were hand-in-glove at the time, with movie adaptations appearing on Lux Radio Theatre and other series, which would have been obvious to them had they ever done some reading). So given that reasoning, why is AMC's new series, Mad Men, about 1960s advertising, pertinent to a channel that has movies? Oh, I forgot, AMC has commercials interrupting their movies every ten minutes now. Maybe that's the connection. Duh.

And in honor of TCM showing The Trouble With Angels this afternoon (letterboxed, unlike the DVD—oh, yeah, and without commercials, too), here's Lindenwold Castle, which was St. Francis Academy in the film.

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