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» Monday, June 11, 2007
"Water! Water!" and Other Damp Tales
A not totally unexpected result of having no rain: when I went to sweep out the master bath last night and set out fresh towels, I found a half dozen ants running around (I had swept under the toilet before continuing to the shower, so not sure whether they came from under the pot or near the stall). This must mean they are crawling up the side of the house again and I guess coming in under the shingles? Ugh. Anyway, I have a "date" with the exterminator on Wednesday. I hope Schuyler doesn't get too upset.

It is hot and breathless outside. When I went out for lunch it was cloudy, but by the time I came in the sun was out. (Not sure what it looks like now since D. has her shades closed.) It made bringing in the pile of magazines all that more difficult. You wouldn't believe a collection of decorating magazines would weigh that much, but the pile was about a foot high. I bought them all when we were in the old house, when I felt like I was trying to make even a cotton purse out of a sow's ear. Don't really need them anymore. I kept only two which had some lovely Christmas-themed pages. I will probably slice those out and get rid of them.

Anyway, I left them in the break room, which is usually what I do with magazines. They often disappear by the end of the day, but this was a larger pile than usual.

I really need to do that with some of the fall and winter magazines I have: just cut out what I buy them for and discard the rest.

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