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» Friday, June 01, 2007
Surrounded by Fuzzy
Willow's asleep behind us while I log on chat and James plays "Cash Cow 2." Schuyler is sitting next to the mirror with one foot up, looking sleepy. She's been quiet today, but then we haven't been home a lot. We had to take the truck in to get two new front tires, as the old ones were starting to miss their treads. We did the "big shopping" at BJs and brought all the stuff home. During this interim is when we laid Pigwidgeon to rest.

Later we hit Borders with our coupons. I had a $5 bonus certificate and $5 in bonus bucks, so I was able to get Susan Kandel's newest mystery and Victoria Thompson's newest mystery in paperback for a total of $1.57.

To get some exercise we did a lap around Cumberland Mall. It's pretty boring these days: shoe stores, clothes stores, clothing accessory stores, one tiny Waldenbooks, two card shops, Sears and Macy's, not much else. Yawn. We did stop at the pet shop to look at the puppies and budgies. The clerk was discussing Yorkshire terrier puppies with a customer—the cheapest was $2,300! Four figures for a pet-quality purebred? Are they mad?

We also stopped at a local shop called "Love Street." They sell flower sets in the summer and yard decorations, plus body and bath specialties, little knicknacks, a few specialty books—and they had a whole rack of different kinds of Webkinz. People are haunting Hallmark shops for different ones and they are all out and this place has three shelves packed full of them and, according to the clerk, more in the back!

So if anyone is looking for Webkinz in the Cobb County area, here's one source. 1295 Concord Road in Smyrna, right near the downtown area.

They didn't have the Clydesdale yet (the clerk says everyone is calling about them), but I did get the dog I wanted from the first, the white terrier, and the cow. (Well, there are cows all over the kitchen and dining room; what's another one?) I named the terrier McDuff after the hero of the Susan Jeffords books and the cow is Molly. Elsie seemed too twee. Molly is the name of Mrs. Preston in The Open Gate, one of my favorite books; she is afraid of cows when the book opens, but soon gets used to them as the family comes to love the farm they accidentally buy.

If I cuddle my stuffed Webkinz cow too much, would I be Molly-cow'dling her? :-)

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