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» Saturday, June 09, 2007
The Sound of Music
So the record player is exchanged. The new one works. It had better; we didn't realize until we got home that the cashier had kept my receipt. How scratchy the records sound! Is there a good way to clean shellac records?

Schuyler occasionally bombards us with chirps and some scolds. She responds to the birds on the television, which neither Pidgie nor Bandit ever did.

We also did coupons at JoAnn and Michael's today, visited Barnes & Noble at Town Center, and stopped at WalMart for low-carb tortillas (only to find they were out of them, but got yogurt and sugar-free ice cream bars). We were going to get milk at WalMart, too, until we saw the price. The difference in the price of three gallons of skim milk pays our membership to Costco, Sam's and BJs for the year.

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