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» Friday, June 29, 2007
A Noise of Independence
Just finished putting the final touches of Independence Day decorations on the front porch; I'd put most of the things up this afternoon when it was so swelteringly hot that I had to lie down when I finished, since I could not breathe properly in the heat. Since seven we have had off-and-on thunder (and one real gully-washer, a.k.a. Georgia Monsoon Season, on the way to Hobby Lobby) and it is now thundering again, low rumbles that vibrate the house rather than crashing overhead.

I did a trip up to Books-a-Million today and decided to drop into the Super Target there. I've never been in one. Their produce is very good, but the rest of the food is more expensive than WalMart. I might as well get Campbell's chicken broth in Kroger than buy it at the Super Target. They did have low-carb whole wheat tortillas and organic baby greens. I'm also trying a box of Quaker Weight-Control Maple and Brown Sugar. It has extra protein and lower carbs. I hope it's better than the Heart Healthy stuff, which was exceedingly dry.

I also bought some Kashi shredded wheat with cinnamon, not sweet like its Kelloggs counterpart, and some of the TLC ("tasty little crackers") that Rodney warned me about. He was right. I had to strictly count fifteen (one serving) or I could have nibbled on the entire box. Tasty indeed.

We got all the grocery shopping done tonight, thank God, except for James' calorie countdown chocolate milk; Kroger was out. Since he has to work Sunday, I wanted to keep Saturday as clear as possible. We'll go by the computer show at the civic center, but they haven't been good in several years. Miss the "good ol'" ones that used to stuff the place wall-to-wall and even in the water-damaged meeting rooms.

Things with Schuyler seem to be at an empasse. I was looking at a budgie book today and it said you should start training a week to ten days after bringing the bird home. Well, I stuck to that timeline, but Skye is having none of us. She sits comfortably fluffed or eats or plays with a toy until we focus our attention at her or walk up to her cage. We both do it slowly and easily and she still watches us suspiciously.

I discovered yesterday that the bottom of her food dish is cracked, but I don't dare change it. I would have to put my hand in the cage for several minutes and she would freak.

I do notice when she flees from my hand that she scolds me. It sounds like she is not afraid, but more wary.

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