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» Saturday, June 16, 2007
Need A Better Class of Goodwill Stores...
Slept late this morning and ate a bland breakfast (oatmeal and mandarin oranges), and seemed to be better. We transported the old computer desk (we put the new one together last night before whatever it was made me sick), along with a box of general things we didn't need and a mixed media box (books, DVDs, tapes, even a CD) to Goodwill.

Since we had the day to relax I suggested we go into the store. I'm on a Yahoo group where one of the ladies talks about her expeditions into the local Goodwill stores. (She's in Florida.) Obviously they have a better "class" of donations down there because all we saw was the same tired clothing and kitsch; this lady manages to find stuff like Spode "Christmas Tree" china at one-tenth its original price, and other expensive things at bargain rates. She even talked about taking a visitor there once and how the woman came out with a cart full of expensive things for almost nothing. However, I did find a practically new hardback copy (with dustjacket) of Marguerite Henry's Misty of Chincoteague, with the original illos by Wesley Dennis. Mine was a book club edition without the memorable illos, so I decided to "trade up."

We also went next door to Rowan's, which is a used book/DVD/CD/cassette/record store. I found a lovely new "Good Old Days" publication called "Best Years of Our Lives," stories of returning WWII soldiers and the women who waited for them, also a brand-new cross-stitch book for only $3, as well as The Pawprints of History, about historic dogs and their influence on history.

Then a sortie at the hobby shop, and finally a late lunch at Longhorn. We had a coupon for a free dessert. So we both ordered the smaller steaks (Renegades), both ate half, I left most of my mashed potatoes and had only a slice of the bread, and we ordered something called the Chocolate Stampede. The linked photo gives you a little idea of how big it is; the menu photo didn't do it justice at all. I took one look at it and said "Oh, dear God!" We ate the ice cream and just tasted the cake part. It's in the fridge and will make two more desserts for both of us! Do people actually eat the whole thing at one sitting? I would be so sick!

Oh, yeah, and more fall garlands out at Hobby Lobby. Yeehah!

Schuyler singing us lovely songs tonight. Amazing how that tiny morsel of bird can belt out such a loud CHIRP!

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