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» Monday, June 18, 2007
Monday Madness

1. In your opinion, what is the perfect summer daytime temperature?

There is none. The perfect daytime temperature is 55°F with a breeze and that doesn't come in summer.

2. What is the perfect nighttime temperature?

About 40. (Again, in summer, not happening.)

3. Do you plant many flowers around your yard?

No. I have never liked gardening. Being out in the sun too long gives me migraines and I can't stand bugs and worms and I'm allergic to plants to boot.

4. How much lawn do you have to mow? Do you enjoy mowing lawn?

Not sure. We don't mow it, our lawn guy does, God bless him! We are .16 of an acre, but a fourth of that is woods and a third what remains is the house. I absolutely loathe mowing the lawn. I used to have to do it as a teenager, with a push mower. I'd always have to shower and wash my hair thoroughly afterwards and I still got an allergy attack. I'd be stuck in a chair with my eyes streaming, with a Kleenex continually over my nose to keep myself from sneezing every minute. Utter misery.

5. Of the summer months, which is your favorite?

August, because it means summer is almost over.

6. Do you take a long vacation each summer?

No, we take our vacations in the fall and winter now. No tourist crush, quiet, cool, comfortable for us, the fids, and even the car.

7. Is summer your favorite season? If so, why? If not, why not?

"Summer sucks! Summer sucks! Summer sucks so much it should be renamed 'Hoover.'" Heat, humidity, bugs trying to invade the house from all quarter, allergy problems, rashes, the air smells bad and is close and oppressive, tornado danger, mosquitoes...summer's only fun if you're a kid on school vacation and now they get stuck going to all those camps and daycare things instead of being free to do anything you wanted like we were able to do.

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