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» Tuesday, June 05, 2007
It was raining here at lunch so I went to check the radar to see if it was raining at home (nope; 24 miles away and dry as a bone). The Weather Channel has new radar and old radar; the new radar superimposes the clouds over a scalable map that includes satellite photos. I noticed that whomever WC uses for their map still does not have our street on it, and neither does Yahoo Maps, but Google now does. We are on the map, interestingly enough, but not on the closeup satellite photo; two satellite photos are used. The one from a distance is the complex under construction; you can still see the dirt pile that was our house. But the two most close up photos still have the woods and the old junkyard there.

(It's amazing what we dig out of our backyard. As the soil wears down or when it rains, we find old cloths, metal pipe, PVC pipe, glass, what looks like part of the water pump from an old washing machine, etc.)