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» Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Making a Cubicle a Home
My cubicle is really a break in the middle of the hallway between two different sets of offices/file rooms. It was initially placed so a clerk could be put in the indent to serve the folks on that side of the hall. We only have a couple of clerks now and they are situated near the supervisor's office. I got this cubicle because at the time this was the only place they had for me. It's nice if too warm in the summer because I'm not near the hue and cry near the team lead's offices. Too noisy down there.

The biggest treat is being able to face forward to people who come to talk to me; the way my previous cubicles were set up, I always greeted them with my back. It seemed rather rude. The biggest bane is facing directly into one of those three-bulb reflector fluorescent lights. (Go to any Borders store in Marietta or Atlanta and they will have the same lights, only ours are larger and lower.) I have a big piece of foamboard up there to block the majority of the light and also wear one of those foam visors.

There is another three-lighter directly over my desk, but a tall co-worker unscrewed two of the three bulbs for me. Sometimes this is still too much at seven in the morning! I noticed last week that the bulb was dimming and Friday working from home received a cc of an e-mail from a co-worker who nicely informed the person who is our liaison with building maintenance that my light was out and could they send someone to fix it. I think I left skid marks on the computer keys telling the liaison not to bother! I know those guys; they would have screwed them all back in and I would have come in yesterday to Migraine Central.

However, it was a bit too gloomy here in the cave so this morning I brought in the little wooden night table lamp that used to be in the old spare room. It's been sitting on top of my craft room cupboards waiting for something to do.

It's amazing the way that little lamp has made the area look so cozy. I even tidied up the mess that is my desk so that the area would look friendlier.