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» Sunday, June 10, 2007
In with the Old, In with the New
So we had lunch at Ikea.

Actually, they have a good lunch; they usually have two other hot dishes besides the Swedish meatballs; I've been having the chicken marsala. They also have some cold sandwiches, or you can have fresh (and I mean fresh; they still crunch) vegetable soup with or without salad. They have salad greens and a couple of other veggies, so I had salad greens with my chicken. This is not so bad since I brought my own dressing. Their ranch and Italian are so vinegary that even after ingesting two Prilosec I get sick. I brought the Kraft low-fat Asian Sesame instead; still gives me indigestion, but not as bad.

We bought a new desk for downstairs; the metal one is just too bulky and doesn't look good in a traditional library. We'll give it to Goodwill. The "Mikhael" is what I use for my work desk (except mine is red). We also did get the Bygel rail and baskets that I thought I had purchased previously, plus two of the small "spice shelves" (can find the pic for those).

On the way home we stopped at Costco and got the essential of life (milk). Found a special edition of Twelve O'Clock High, which I bought for James "from the fids" for Father's Day (I know that's next week, but he's working that day). I also found Danny Kaye's On the Riviera (as movies go with Danny Kaye playing dual roles, I like On the Double better, but Riviera is cool, too). We also bought boneless pork ribs, which are just finishing cooking in the crock pot. Mmmn.

I also got a few more compact fluorescents at Ikea; one we put in the downstairs hall and the other is in the lamp downstairs in the library, which is low light; it's just for reading. Then James installed the "spice shelves" in the laundry room, the Bygel rail in my craft room, and also installed the new handle on his Lazy Boy (the old split in half because the metal support was installed off center). He sat down to see if it worked properly and was instantly "Willowed"—she leaped up in utter delight to sit in his lap.

As James was installing the Bygel and afterwards as I was cleaning up the drywall fallout, I was playing some of my mom's records. These were the Glenn Miller 78s that were in the original record album. (If you've ever wondered why an LP or a CD is called an album, besides being a collection of songs, records used to come in paper sleeves. In a collection by the same artist or on the same theme, four of these sleeves, one record with two songs to a sleeve, were bound in an album, like a photo album. A drawing or photo of the artist and the name of the album was on the front, and name of the album was on the spine, like a book, and you stored them on shelves, like a book or photo album. When LPs came out, the name carried over.) Mom has a couple of these albums. Unfortunately the record with "Stardust" and "Pennsylvania 6-5000" has a piece taken out of the rim. Shellac records are prone to break like this. I also played Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters singing "The Three Caballeros" and "Don't Fence Me In."

Anyway, suppertime...

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