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» Friday, June 15, 2007
How I Had Breakfast and Lunch at BJs and Saved Money, and Other Tales
I actually went to BJs for a birthday gift. We had a coupon and I was on a mission. :-) I did find the birthday gift, although I'm tempted to give it to the recipient before the date. :-) (I also found a birthday gift for someone else, so it was a double bargain.) I also found fifth season of Hogan's Heroes for a good price, and—swelp me, something called "TV Guide Presents" that was the first season of Banacek. Now if TVG/Universal is going to release the old Mystery Movies, I would have been deliriously happy if it was Faraday and Company or The Snoop Sisters, but I will settle for Banacek with its Boston backgrounds. One of the reasons that I like John Larroquette's McBride is that it reminds me of the old NBC Mystery Movie segments.

While I was coming around from getting the milk, I came past two of the sample servers. One lady had pancakes and the other had wild blueberry juice. Usually they give you little slices of samples, but there weren't many customers, so I received one pancake and one nearly full cup of blueberry juice. Yum. On the way out I passed a woman giving out Italian-seasoned meatballs in teriyaki sauce. They were halves but were large enough to be three full-sized Swedish meatballs.

I had those before decamping to Borders for a new Country Living (British edition), Buffy comic, and a remainder book about different games (card, board, strategy, etc.).

Also had a brief dip in Hobby Lobby. They had put out their fall bushes and I hugged one I was so glad to see it! :-)

Stopped at WallyWorld for yogurt and to use a couple of coupons and buy a treat for Willow. Naturally I forgot something, so after I had all the perishables put away, I went to "Love Street," the little boutique on (what else?) Love Street near downtown Smyrna. I bought a birthday gift for a friend; I'd seen it the last time we were in there and grabbed it. For fun I also got a set of Webkinz trading cards, which come with a code for goodies. I got a couple of coupons and a jack-in-the-box, and also some virtual trading cards.

At Food Depot I picked up the stuff I'd forgotten at WalMart, but they didn't have the one thing I wanted, the low-carb wheat tortillas. I guess the folks that shop there have no need for them; I didn't see a low-carb, fat-free, flavored tortilla there, just the plain ones in different sizes. Also went into the Dollar Store seeking a Father's Day card for James from the fids and found, for $5, a DVD called Merlin's Apprentice, a sequel to Merlin, also with Sam Neill. I had no idea they'd made a sequel to it. What the heck; if I don't like it, in the donation box it goes. Hello deduction! :-)

When I got home, there was Josh and Susan's Weimaraner in our front yard. I drove into the garage and he followed me in, wagging and happy to see me! I emerged saying "Tyler, what are you doing out?" just as Kelly from across the street came over and led him back to the house. Susan was home, so we gave him back. Apparently he'd gotten out the back gate.

After I'd put the things away and watched How Clean is Your House? (ohmyGOD, I don't believe some of the houses these folks go into—dusty shelves attest that I am not the housekeeper my mother was, but dear God, food on the floor, grotty stuff everywhere, trash in the fireplace...), I decided to try a different tack with Schuyler. I opened the big door and stood in front of the cage. Instead of putting my hand inside I was just going to talk to her face-to-face. BAD, BAD idea. She's not afraid of me enough not to launch herself right out the front of the cage. I compounded the error by trying to head her off, accidentally sending her exactly where I didn't want her to go, behind the television stand! It's reachable from either side, but of course as soon as I reached on one side she ran to the other. Finally she perched on the electrical cord as if prepared to take root there. Well, I couldn't take my eyes off her and I was terrified she'd go toward the power strip and somehow electrocute herself. (When I was a little girl we had a bird who ran under the refrigerator and was electrocuted.) So when she was relaxed a bit I gave one fervent prayer and reached quickly for her.

So much for that idea. She's eaten, preened, chirped and is now looking sleepy, so I'm hoping I didn't hurt her with that wild grab. Stupid me.

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