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» Wednesday, June 06, 2007
I am tired of these pinpoint blackouts. We get them at least once a week, usually on Saturday or Sunday morning when we are sleeping. We wake up immediately because James' CPAP machine goes off, then comes back on, and the dog starts barking because the answering machine coming back on gives a scream. Sometimes it happens later.

Today it happened right after the test of the weather system finished. What a pain in the neck when you are working: reboot, retest, reshuffle; also you need to shut the A/C off and then turn it back on again to give the system a chance to reset.

Schuyler was chirping a bit this morning and bouncing around her cage. She goes to the bottom to flap her wings, which is how baby birds exercise. She is still quite shy. I put my hand in the cage; just motionless, and she doesn't flap, but she does shy back and try to hop away from it. I think I might have bought her right after she was brought to Petco. We'll see when she goes through her first moult, which happens at three months.

Since the television went off anyway, I am playing "Pachebel's Greatest Hit" for her. May follow up with some George Winston classic stuff, "Autumn" or "December," perhaps.

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