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» Saturday, June 23, 2007
Enjoying the Little Things
I've bought myself a few treats this afternoon—not clothes and shoes, something a lot more fun: a couple more Webkinz. I got two of the Lil Kinz, a Chihuahua (Pancho, after the dog in the "Candy Bash 2" game) and a unicorn (Gaudior, after the unicorn in A Swiftly Tilting Planet).

I don't plan to "run" them right now. The only way to renew the online membership is to buy a new critter, so I have two (one for spare, LOL). I still want the Clydesdale, which is for sale all over e-Bay, but I haven't seen in stores.

I bought James the new husky as an early anniversary gift.

I also have collected enough of the cards to be able to play the card game.

The cards come with codes that not only entitle you to sets of virtual cards which you can play online, but various virtual prizes. You can get "Kinzcash," groceries, furniture, clothing (which I sold back), and other treats. One is something called "Webkinz Virtual Studio." You can buy characters and sets for it and make your own "movie." Much fun.

Every day a certain game is featured in which you get extra "cash" to play, and also at various times of the day you can play a certain game for more "cash." Tonight between ten and eleven the miniature golf game gave you extra cash, so I happily played it for about 45 minutes. At one point I played a two-player game, which was a blast. It's much more fun to play since I discovered the secret to Hole 17. :-)

I like the sometimes complicated but nonviolent games they have on the site. Everything now seems to be car chases or first-person killer games or survivalist epics. These are just games of skill. My favorites are Cash Cow and Cash Cow 2 (clicking away contiguous milk bottles in two different situations), Mini Golf, Lunch Letters (which is like the "Letter Invaders" game in Typing Tutor; you have to type the letters to keep them splatting on the floor), Candy Bash 2 (you break pinatas and have to catch the candy in your sombrero), Hungry Hog (a PacMan clone with a hog instead of Our Hero and bees instead of Winky, Blinky and pals), and Zacky's Quest (a teardrop-shaped critter with a vegetable fetish negotiates a Frogger-like course to get parts of a map), plus the electronic jigsaw puzzles that I can do in my "room."

I also play Polar Plunge where you have to leap obstacles as you sled down a hill (I usually do terribly, but it's still fun), Lily Padz (as a frog you have to zap bugs with your tongue), Dex Dangerous and the Lunar Lugbotz (Asteroids clone), Pumpkin Patch Protector (you shoot crows with water), Tile Towers (mah jongg), Tulip Trouble 2 (click only on the good fairies, not the bad ones; this one moves really fast by Level 5), and Wacky Zingoez (their version of the game where the polar bear swats the penguin the longest distance, only with a weird masochistic teardrop critter who likes to be hit and a lumpy monster).

I end up racking up the most points on Quizzy's Word Challenge, where you are given squares with letters and have to achieve a certain goal each level by spelling words that will give you the most points.

They revealed a new activity this week: you can buy "seeds" of various vegetables, "grow" them in your yard, and then "harvest" them for your Webkinz characters to eat. All you have to do is check them every day and do what the inspecting tool tells you to do: water, rake and/or dig. Once you finish harvesting a plant (they only grow a certain number of veggies), it starts growing again! I'm surprised they don't call them "Phoenix Vegetables"!

Now that's my type of gardening: no sun, no dirt, no bugs, and most of all, NO WORMS.

We did find a real drugstore that actually sells compression socks, which James needs now for the dermatitis on his leg (we went to Wender and Roberts, which so long ago was the only store that sold the calcium compound I needed after my thyroid removal) and next door is a vacuum cleaner store that not only sells Kirby bags, but is open on Saturdays longer than three hours, like the other little store that I'd been forced to use since Mr. Sweeper closed.

Oh—I also purchased the small version of this lovely Jim Shore Autumn Angel. Check out the details; it's just as highly decorated at the back.

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