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» Saturday, June 02, 2007
Cloudy and Cooler, With Flashbacks
Both the weather and me. :-) We're enjoying it because the weather report says 90s by Thursday.

I'm thinking of those fall wreaths in Hobby Lobby...

We had lunch at Longhorn. Having not had breakfast, we both ordered an appetizer. Their lobster and shrimp dip is to die for. James had their equivalent of a "Blooming Onion," which was quite good. I forgot to take my Prilosec and it didn't even make me sick.

The appetizer was the equivalent of a meal, so I took almost all of my 8-ounce Renegade home (it's two lunches for next week), and so did James. He has to work tomorrow, so he can use it as a treat (or have the chicken left over from Boston Market; it was supposed to be mine, but we had chicken three nights in a row and there's just so much I could take).

We were on "the other side of town" (well, the middle of town) on Roswell to find a games shop James had found listed online. It was a very small shop in the Kroger shopping center and we were the only customers. I found the Buffy "season eight" (an official continuation of the television series) comic #1 and #3, which I had been wanting to read. (Yes, Rodney, I bought comics. Don't faint. LOL.) Since I then wanted #2, we went to Oxford Comics.

On the way there, we stopped at Pearl Arts and Crafts. I don't think I've been to this store since my office moved from Buckhead and I didn't realize how much I missed it. It's not like a Michael's or JoAnn; they don't sell furniture (except maybe for art desks) or garden stuff or yard decorations or yarn or frames or artificial flowers (or in the case of JoAnn, yard goods and sewing supplies), and they have only small departments for glass paints, cross-stitch thread, stationery, scrapbooking stuff, and some kids' crafts. Most of it is what the sign says: an art store. They have canvas, all types of paints, different types of pens, drawing pencils, easels, drawing kits, etc. I stopped at the pens and was having fun just trying out the different points. It brought me back to the days when I would wander the aisles of Block Artists or E.L. Freeman's stationers and drool over the pens and drawing materials and the empty wire-bound composition books that to me just represented another story to write. I would have killed for the beautiful gel pens and Rapidographs and Pilot pens back then. I designed covers for my own stories with Flair markers and my indispensable 64 box of Crayolas.

Anyway, picked up Buffy #2 at Oxford Comics, then drove back to Cobb County for the weekly trip to AAA Hobbies. Then we made a stop at Book Nook (the Cobb County annex of the Atlanta used bookstore which has been around nearly forever; I know it's at least 26 years old, since it was one of the places they took me when I visited Atlanta in 1981). I found some really cool stuff: an Ideals Christmas book I didn't have, also an Ideals book about American holidays, a Guideposts book of inspirational Christmas stories, Mary Engelbreit's Believe Christmas book, an Ideals book about Easter, a book by Mark Russell (I didn't know such an animal existed!), and Hey Ranger! a book of humorous park ranger stories that I saw last year at Barnes & Noble, but that I could never find at Borders when I had a coupon.

I just realized I forgot to go back to get the Eric Sloane compilation book I saw when I first walked in. Blast.

When we got home, we put up the rest of the compact fluorescents in the garage. We had put up two 100 watt equivalents for the main garage lights, and then two 60 watt equivalents each in each of the garage door openers. I don't know who designed the light covers on the Genie openers we have, but where did he keep his brain? You have to climb up high enough on a ladder to see over the mechanism to unscrew the cover over the lights. Um, you have to change light bulbs, guys. You couldn't have at least put the screws at the bottom?

We also replaced the porch lights with compact fluorescents and put one downstairs in the bathroom, which I don't spend a lot of time in. I'm not into chronic headaches; I get enough of them at work.

Oh, and Schuyler has chirped more, including one small scold!

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