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» Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Clever Girl(s)
The exterminator showed up at the appointed time, checked out both the kitchen and the bath, then went outside. The master bath is on an exterior wall, so he immediately went to check that.

The ants had made a tidy little nest under the gutter spout, between the splash guard and the foundation. Straight for water, clever things. (He said they would be female ants, hence the entry title.) He also sprayed inside and baited outside for roaches, which are coming in occasionally, apparently through the deck door.

Schuyler got within an inch of my finger today, but declined to take that final step onward. Instead, she fluttered backward, scolding.

WBPA's showings of Rick Steves Europe seems have to disintegrated into repeats of the same ten shows, so I put my own DVD on during lunch and saw one I had never seen, using London as a home base to see things like the bunker where Churchill directed British action during World War II (fascinating! want to see!), the Cotswolds, Stratford-upon-Avon, and Cambridge, and, predictably, ended with punting on the river Cam.

Then I got on the exercise bike in the dark and cool spare room. Thirteen minutes at a nice steady 13 miles per hour burns off 100 calories, according to the gauge.

The weather alert radio has just gone off again. When I got home yesterday, we had finally had some rain, and the steam rising off the streets was so thick it looked like fog. I found some chunks of ice on the lawn about jawbreaker candy size, and the wind whipped on and off in the early evening. At one point James thought he saw hail again, but it was only rapidly dropping leaves. We went outside to watch the grey clouds gallop past overhead like mammoth coach horses and it was quite cool and pleasant. What a shock to watch the news later on and see fires caused by lightning, hail that looked like snow, and storm damage on the other side of town.

Not sure why the soundoff now. It was cloudy a few minutes ago, but is now completely sunny.

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