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» Friday, June 22, 2007
2 Anxious 2 Cope
Schuyler has been here four weeks today and I'm not sure if she's any more comfortable than she was a few days after she came home. I put my hand in her cage for a few minutes each day, but she will only let it get so close. Sometimes it doesn't even need to come near her; she bounces away and most of the time she scolds.

I am probably going too fast. She seems very young, younger than any bird I've ever had, and females may need a longer adjustment time. I've never had a hen. I make myself anxious and am probably making her anxious. I am too eager for a new friend; she needs to adjust first. She doesn't even greet me with the friendly raise of wings. I have to leave it for now and just be friendly.

Here's the "You lookin' at me?" pose:

You Looking at ME?

She went down to the bottom of her cage to preen and when I glanced over I got the "Can't a girl have some privacy?" look:

Can't a Girl Have Some Privacy?

Obviously not. :-) A lady has to look her best:

A Gal Has to Look Her Best

Darn those cage bars blur the focus. But look at that face!:


Fluffed and relaxed:

Just relaxing

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