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» Sunday, May 27, 2007
Schuyler seemed okay this morning; at least once she gave a cheep.

But her droppings are awfully loose, where they weren't yesterday. I consulted all my books, and while they say to watch the bird, they also agree that loose droppings are often caused by a traumatic event. I suppose being caught in a net, placed in a box, transported to a new place, and being in a big new room with two humans, a brown thing that barks, and a box that talks and sings could be classified as a "traumatic event."

I don't remember any of the others being quite this loose! And she did try to regurgitate a couple of times. I know Petco would take her back if she were sick—but I don't want to return her. I've gotten kind of attached, even in two days!

I did take her out to check her vent feathers, which are a bit sticky, so I will keep my eye on her. We went out to get milk and things, and when we got home we found her on the high perch, near the front of the cage, and later she did go and eat. (She was chowing down for quite a while, not surprising since she probably hadn't eaten since yesterday morning.) Oh, and this morning she hit at the bell of one of her toys, too.

No more cheeps today. But then Frisky, the little bird I was given for my tenth birthday, didn't utter a sound for two weeks. My dad was getting upset.

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