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» Monday, May 14, 2007
So I Get Into Work...'s 84°F in my cubicle. After two hours of the fan it's down to 81, but the heat certainly isn't doing my computer any good. It took 15 minutes for it to boot up this morning (that's not 15 minutes from the time I turned it on; it's 15 minutes from the time I actually signed in).

I have to go look for something on a co-worker's desk and there are ants wandering around in the papers in her inbox (apparently they have spread from their infestation in my supervisor's office). And we're on the third floor!

They remodeled the bathroom so it is all esthetically pleasing. But the sinks still back up and the toilets clog if you look at them the wrong way.

What's this again about the cushy life of Federal employees? You must be thinking of Congress.

Bother the ants. Now I'm itchy...

[9:42 a.m.: Lovely. The building management technician just walked down the whole corridor and back, checking all the A/C vents. Guess whose he didn't check. That's riiiiiight. He did pause, glance backward into my cubicle as if I wasn't there, and walk straight on without checking the vent.

I'm only wearing a bright yellow top and a sky blue visor to keep the lights out of my eyes; it's not like I blend in with the woodwork! How nice it is to be invisible.]

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