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» Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

From the AJC:

For the second time in less than a week, smoke from the South Georgia wildfires Tuesday morning was blowing into metro Atlanta.

The smoke, from fires about 250 miles away, began moving into metro Atlanta between 4 and 5 a.m., reducing visibility at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport from 10 miles at 4 a.m. to just 3 miles an hour later.

By 5:30 a.m., the smoke had moved northward to around the top-end Perimeter.

Forecasters at the National Weather Service said southeasterly winds sent the smoke over metro Atlanta, and a low-level inversion —where a layer of warmer air was on top of cooler air at the surface — pushed the smoke to ground-level.

In downtown Atlanta, the heavy smoke obscured the tops of skyscrapers.

The Weather Service said warming temperatures after daybreak, along with a shift in winds, should help dissipate the smoke.

According to the Georgia Forestry Commission, 52 fires that were burning late Monday have scorched more than 345,000 acres.
From the view through the windows across the hall you might think the fire was down the street.

It was a strange morning anyway. On nights before I have to drive in to work, I leave my computer on so I don't have to go through the time of booting up in the morning to check weather and traffic. This morning I found the computer had shut off. We apparently had a very small power failure, small enough not to mess with the clocks on the microwave and the alarm clock in the spare room, but enough to knock out the clock on my stereo system, my computer, and, of all things, the router (usually the DSL modem takes a hit, but not this time).

I also continue to have a problem with my XM radio. It was fine yesterday morning, but by the time I drove home, it was fading out under overpasses (once under the overpass and then again a second time) and also near trees, which it's never done before. It was the same way this morning. Needless to say the traffic report was very disjointed. can smell the smoke in the building, and none of our windows open.

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