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» Saturday, May 19, 2007
Saturday Stuff
James had to work today (not to mention the next two Saturdays; rats...), so I took the missed opportunity from yesterday to sleep in. Did hit Hobby Lobby for another Independence Day decoration and ended up in Wally World (which was a good thing, because they had Prilosec for $23.00), then came home to tidy up a bit and continue my dubbing project and finish the St. Joseph's altar.

I also put away some books James had finished, and finally sorted out the history books into different eras and subjects.

Quiet in here without budgie song or the pecking of Girlfriend or a mirror.

I started cleaning out the cage today; it's been sitting in the bathtub since Monday. Everything has to be cleaned anyway, but I didn't mention one thing on Monday. Before Pidgie died, he apparently started vomiting blood. It's splashed all over the top of the cage, and down at the bottom where he fell. Not pleasant to think about or clean up.

We had our weekly vegetable fix at Sweet Tomatoes and stopped by Borders. They have a book at the checkout counter that they're promoting that contains "useless information." Did you know Charlie Chaplin once came in third in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest?

Or that squirrels can live up to fifteen years in captivity but usually only live one year in the wild? (Unless, of course, they're cadging out of our bird feeder.)

I kept thinking the book would have been useful to Betty Roberts when she was developing questions for Brainstorm. :-)

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