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» Monday, May 28, 2007
Out and In Again
Been fiddling around most of the afternoon getting Eudora re-set up. We went out about noon, to Borders, where I bought James a copy of The Blues Brothers DVD for saving my computer. (I got George Winston's Gulf Coast album.) I found some books I had enjoyed on sale and bought them as a Christmas gift for a friend. Also went to Linens'n'Things and to Michaels for red-white-and-blue flowers to go with the small red-white-and-blue containers I bought at JoAnn. These are for the table and china cabinet for Independence Day.

Schuyler has been chirping on and off all afternoon. When we got home she was near the mirror, having eaten some millet. She's so cute, has that typical baby bird cheep.

I am sooooo sleepy. We are going to a friend's house for a cookout in a few minutes, I hope I can keep my eyes open long enough to be polite!

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