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» Monday, May 14, 2007
Off and On and Off Again
Not sure what Pidge's problem is. He was rarin' to go when we woke up yesterday morning, yet before we left he was spitting up a few seeds, so we stayed around another fifteen minutes to make sure he was okay.

Again, when we got home he was okay and I let him out, then he was spitting up seeds again and rather quiet. So I put the heating pad on top of his cage and covered him almost all the way and he rested for a couple of hours, then started to cheep. So I gradually lowered the temp in the cage, then uncovered him, and he came out and played, had his supper, and even tormented the dog a few minutes when she went to sit in James' lap (he flies over and patters down James' shirtfront, trying to get to the intriguing "string" that is her fur; Willow just walls her eyes and finally gets down). But there were a couple of times in between his playing that it was as if his battery ran down; he'd just stop, get quiet, look as if he were dozing off for a few minutes.

I tried slipping a minor amount of the liver crumbles in his seed before bed last night. I think he's just going to toss them overboard again. Maybe we need to put them in the food processor and make the bits a little smaller. I dunno. Budgies are so picky with their food. Pidge throws most of his seed on the floor of his cage and just eats the select favorites. I'm surprised he eats the Zupreem fruit pellets; none of my other birds would.

James had to drag the television from the spare room out for him to watch this morning. The satellite box has gone kerflooey again. It says we are getting a signal (you get the station ID when you change channels) but there is no picture and no sound. This isn't the first time it's done it, either.

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