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» Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Not Walking Toward the Light
Really disappointed in my lunch. I'd bought a nice salad of baby greens at Harry's on Saturday and applied what they said was "Italian dressing." Ugh. It was oily tasting and peppery, not a hint of vinegar at all, and bitter. I finally had to abandon it.

I wish to God we could find the sweet-but-tart Oriental dressing they used to have at Rockfords! We have tried two similar ginger sesame dressings; one was too sweet, one not sweet enough and vinegary instead. Others have pepper in them, so we don't buy them.

I took Willow out after eating, intending to just let her avail herself in the back yard. But when we went out for the mail, she headed for the sidewalk. I had my hat, so we did a two-third walk, not venturing into the two cul-de-sacs. I had my float on, so the heat wasn't so bad, but the glare of the sun off the sidewalk was unbelieveable. If we do this again tomorrow I'm going for my sunglasses. Just ten minutes gave me a headache.

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