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» Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Nibbled to Death by Ducks Bugs
Scott (the exterminator) has just come again. He seemed a bit ticked that the other tech had not read our invoice carefully, the one that indicates we are using "green" service. He dusted and sprayed the kitchen again, then regranulated the yard. He had warned me that because it rained the day he treated the first time, the treatment might not take. Since there's apparently no sign of any possible rain till Friday, this may work better.

He told me he found a big anthill on the right side of the house (as you face it) and they were climbing up the wall of the house. Aieee! We usually don't go that way into the back yard, so we never saw it.

I asked him if he had something to repel squirrels and he laughed. Apparently they've been getting into his bird feeder, too. He finally told his wife he was tired of feeding them. "Tell 'em to get a job." LOL.

I've also signed us up with a lawn service to keep it looking nice. They will kill the weeds, seed if needed, lime, and aerate.

We need to get new pine straw for the strip around the house and the two beds out front. Wondering if cedar chips would be better. Doesn't cedar repel insects?

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