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» Sunday, May 06, 2007
In a Pinch
My glasses pinch most of the time.

This happens with all my glasses, and it's gotten worse as I get older, probably due to the after-effects of breaking my nose in 1980 after falling face-first on a concrete floor at work. I suppose I could solve the problem with contacts. I have dozens of friends and relatives with contacts and they're happy. But the thought of putting a sliver of plastic in my Just can't. My eyes itch all the time anyway. Can't rub them with contacts in.

Occasionally I can go a day to almost a week without the pinch bothering me, but usually it does. To solve the problem, I put Band-Aid "spots," the circular little pads, on either side of my nose where the glasses rub.

This morning I forgot, which is why I arrived home this afternoon with a screaming headache so bad that I wanted to throw up. Three ibuprofen and a laydown on the futon for an hour did wonders.

Otherwise it was a nice day. We had to go out to Dunwoody to get special food for Pidgie; the vet is afraid his beak is growing so fast because of liver disease. When we got there the staff was at lunch, so we had our own at Jersey Mike's—I love Jersey Mike's; they use real roast beef in their sandwiches, not that ersatz processed "roast beef loaf" like Arby's—and then ducked into a wild bird store in hopes they had a cheap solution to the squirrel problem. No dice (although they had some hilarious squirrel T-shirts and flags), but I got some safflower seeds, which squirrels are not supposed to like, and a bird called Why Don't Woodpeckers Get Headaches? (And Other Bird Questions You Know You Want to Ask) by Mike O'Connor, who does a birding column for a newspaper on Cape Cod and who runs a birder supply store. The tone is irreverent, if not downright funny—besides, anyone who thinks chickadees are the best wild bird ever is aces in my book. :-)

We got the special food as well as six months more Revolution for Wil; when the tech named the price I nearly had heart failure (not for the food, for the Revolution—aieeeeee!).

By now the headache was starting to attack, but we briefly stopped at Michael's for James to get a new bottle for his airbrush and then had to go to Costco for gas and the usual milk. I splurged and got two of the Rick Steves' DVDs, the one on England and the one on Scotland and Ireland. Maybe next payday I can get the two Italian ones, then I'll think about the rest.

We're having a brief cooler respite, 70s instead of 80s, for a couple of days, so after soothing the savage beast that was my pinching glasses headache, I "tore open the shutters and threw up the sash" on all the windows (unfortunately there was no "breast of newfallen snow") and turned all the fans on "afterburner." Had potlucks for supper, watched Rick Steves do Scotland and Rose befriend a Dalek on Doctor Who, and finished envying woodpeckers. :-)

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