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» Tuesday, May 15, 2007
I'm Here
I've watched House and Jeopardy, and washed and dried one load of laundry and finished drying another and put it all away. I'm continuing work on a DVD dubbing project, but my major effort today was cleaning up the mess made by the squirrels outside. I had to replace the foil over the birdseed container and make sure the contents were dry before adding the safflower seeds we bought at the wild bird store (supposedly squirrels don't like it) and the rest of Pidgie's seed (someone might as well enjoy it). Then I refilled the bird feeder, lacing it with cayenne, put out a new suet cake, smearing it with cayenne, and even wet down the boards that hold the feeder pole and sprinkled it with cayenne, and refilled the birds' water dish.

About a half hour after I finished this I heard "chip-chip-chip" from the deck and saw Mrs. Cardinal hopping around scavenging safflower seeds that I had scattered. I have only seen the male, not the female, and wondered if she had been setting eggs. Maybe Mr. Cardinal has baby duty today while she "gets out of the house." Some song sparrows showed up and I saw "Greedy Guts," the untidy white-breasted nuthatch.