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» Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Dreaming Of Pillows
I finally got 7 1/2 hours of sleep last night, which is a great relief, but has not "caught me up" by any means. I went to work yesterday looking like one of those zombies you see in bad B-movies, with wide open eyes looking straight ahead. I think I got things done. It's hard to remember.

When I got home I continued to click on different applications to see if they would work. Most of the graphics programs are okay. I had to reload Paradox, and also made another stab at WordPerfect. When I installed it the other night, I thought I clicked ON WordPerfect and clicked OFF Presentations and QuattroPro. Judging by what came up on the programs menu, I did exactly the opposite. Gah. Finally got AIM working again this morning, although no one I know turns up anymore. Haven't chatted with Laura in ages. Also re-installed Nero last night and figured out how to turn off all that stuff about watching television. Don't need it and it takes up darn less space.

Now to see if it still copies CDs.

I can't believe how much stuff still gets installed into Windows even though you tell it not to install in C:. I don't want my Paint Shop Pro scratch files or PhotoImpact7 textures in C:. Who told you to put it there? Stupid install instructions.

Schuyler still doesn't know what to make of us. Mostly she sits and stares with a suspicious look on her face ("Are you going to eat me?"). She is enjoying the millet and has "talked" to the mirror. If I put my hand in the cage, she eyes it to see if I'm getting too close. I try not to. She also chirps intermittently. I try to imitate her and fail miserably. Right now I have jazz music on for her.

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