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» Friday, May 04, 2007
Darting About
I hadn't had a "day off" in about a month, so I crammed a lot into today. It opened with sleeping late (thank God, I haven't had more than six hours sleep in days) and continued with listening to two funny Jack Benny radio shows. One featured Bob Hope, and he played in a spoof of his own Road to Bali with bandleader Bob Crosby (Bing's brother) playing Bing. I was surprised at how much Bob sounded like Bing when he sang. Sometimes brothers don't sound like one another at all. (Jack played the octopus who was guarding the treasure. Of course!)

• Books-a-Million. I got a book about dogs from the remainder stack. I suppose we need another dog book like we need spilled birdseed, but this was published in England, and instead of just being about breeds and dog care, has a quite sizable section about dogs in history, dog shows, extinct breeds, etc.
• Petco. I was checking out with Pidgie's fruit-flavored pellets and the cashier had a baby parrotlet clinging to her shirt. He was making cross noises; turns out he is being hand-fed and was begging for his lunch! He sat on my finger for about a minute, still complaining; weighs no more than a few feathers and smaller than Pidgie.
• JoAnn. Needed a frame for a small fall photo of an old gristmill. Found a cross-stitch kit with an oak-acorn motif on clearance. I can substitute fall colors for the green oak leaves. JoAnn has had, since Valentine's Day in its dollar bins, small six-tube kits of glitter in appropriate colors. I have bought the Valentine's Day kit, the Easter kit, the summer kit (mostly blues), and now an Independence Day kit. I'm wondering if they will have a fall kit; pretty certain a Hallowe'en kit and Christmas kit are upcoming. I'd love a fall kit: dark yellow, orange, orangy-red, copper, gold, purple.
• Linens'n'Things and Bed, Bath and Beyond. I bought an extender pole that comes with a squeegee, a lightbulb changer, a floodlight changer, and a lambswool duster. Even my extendible Swiffer duster won't reach the peak of the ceiling in the living room and I don't want cobwebs.
• Wally-World. The usual: soup, tortillas, yogurt...zzzz.
• Borders. Bought a book called Penny From Heaven, a 1950s set novel about a girl with a large Italian family on her father's side. Usually I avoid books with Italian-American families like the proverbial plague: they're either Mafia-obsessed or don't sound like real Italian families. This one, though...perfect. Already finished it.
• Hobby Lobby. Some nice Independence Day things. Tick. VG.

And home to read. After supper we went to Borders in Buckhead by a circuituous route to avoid the Chastain Park concert and the bar crowd. Bruster's for dessert, and now it's bedtime.

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