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» Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Cabbages and Kings
Two days of nice weather and now back to the A/C, not so much for the daytime temp as for the nighttime. Slept under light blankets last night and was still too warm.

The TruGreen folks showed up this morning for the first treatment. It sure didn't take long: I was on the telephone for the whole thing (granted, it was a long phone call made longer by Willow barking).

Mr. Squirrel, in desperation against the cayenne, is now raiding the suet. We are now occasionally seeing a male cardinal at the feeder, but no female. I am not sure if he is a "bachelor" or if "the missus" is setting eggs.

And we've had a "reply all" war at work again. This hasn't happened for a year or so. Someone sent out a broadcast message about training classes. Someone responded with a reply all. Now we have a flurry of "reply all" messages asking to be removed from the list, not to use "reply all," to criticize people for using "reply all" (while using "reply all" of course), and the folks who try to make a joke out of it. An amusing diversion to the day.

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