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» Wednesday, May 23, 2007
In an attempt to cheer me up, while James was out on Tuesday he bought me a Webkinz toy (and one for himself). These are little stuffed animals that come with a secret code. When you go to the Webkinz website you give the critter a name and "adopt" it and then are given "Webkinz bucks" to furnish the little room you are given for your pet.

Basically it's like one of those tamigotchi gadgets crossed with the "Dogz" (or "Catz" or "Horsez") computer programs. There are an arcade where you play games, tournament challenges, daily quizzes, a mine where you "dig" for "gems," and other activities where you can make more Webkinz bucks. You use this to buy food for your pet (it gets hungry), keep it happy by playing games with it, and add more "rooms" to its living space. If it gets sick you can take it to the clinic and have it seen by the vet.

There are various little animals and we had seen them in Hallmark shops, but we didn't know what they were until a friend of ours, Jerry, bought one for his little boy. He was pleased at the variety of non-violent games and started having fun playing the games with his son, so he and his wife both bought their own Webkinz. He was showing us all the games and activities at Atomicon and it looked rather like fun, so we've been looking around for them, but they're very popular and all the Hallmark stores were out.

Tuesday James found pugs and tree frogs at Hobbytown. I'm not an amphibian person, so we got the pugs. James gave his a name that means "firmament" (help me here, hon...). I was more traditional: I named mine "Weenie" after Eloise's little pug in the classic Kay Thompson books (except my Weenie is a girl).

So while I've had fun playing Cash Cow #1 and #2 and a really cool miniature golf course, I've also made some Webkinz bucks and bought Weenie not only "furniture" and "food," but also a yard with flower and vegetable gardens. It's goofy but cute.

I noticed there is a Clydesdale coming out in looks adorable!