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» Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Wild Life
Work was an absolute zoo yesterday. At one point I was juggling four things at once. One of those days where you want to scream "I have had enough of this!" and toss breakable objects at someone. The worst part was an online course in the use of the Government Visa card. In the past these have been in person, but they have changed to online. In general I like the online things because you can do it at your own pace, stop if you need to and take care of work, and not have to drop away from everything you're doing. This, however, was done like a lecture, with talking heads. Also, I usually go to a refresher course, where they tell you the updates to the procures you have been doing already. With the online course you have to do it from the beginning, no matter how experienced you are. It's like going back and being taught the alphabet and counting 1-10 (or the VENN diagram recap every year you had algebra). Eyes-glazing-over time.

Today it is raining and too conducive to sleep. I am busy puzzling out why, when I send something to print, it will only print out after I have completely rebooted the computer. Kind of a delay in the proceedings, to be sure.

The exterminator has been and gone. I told them we had pets, so they are using an organic compound with plant products. It is mostly rosemary, thyme and very strongly clove (the outside of the house now smells like Beeman's chewing gum—I keep waiting for Chuck Yeager to call me "Ridley" and ask me for a stick [ala The Right Stuff]). He also put granules outside, but because it is wet, is not sure they will "take." I'm supposed to call back if they don't. The exterminator is what my mom would term "a hot sketch."

He also has good taste, because he darn near drooled over the library. :-) Willow barked at him until she realized he was good for a pet and a scritch. Went right up to him and shoved her head under his hand.

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